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This is a privacy statement and overview for AURORA on what personal information it uses, how it is handled, who is responsible for the handling and which rights you have and who to contact about your personal information. It also gives you an overview of what information are stored in cookies, what the aim of that storage is and who is handling that information.
When you use the AURORA-system you accept that cookies are being stored in your browser. If you do not accept this, you have to adjust the settings of your browser to deny or revoke this acceptance. Please note, that if you do revoke cookies for this site it will be impossible to use the AURORA web client.
Personal information are all forms of data, information, assessments that can be used to identify you as an individual. It can be things like an email address, name, phone number, address etc (or any combination of these). The deciding criteria for what is personal information is if this information can directly or indirectly identify an actual individual.
Cookies are small information packages that are stored by the browsers locally on your computer and can be accessed by the site that created them. Any kind of information can be stored in a cookie, but these are the purposes of cookie in AURORA: No information in relation to these cookies are fed into Google Analytics or similar analytical and/or tracking solutions.
The purpose of storing personal information is because in order for AURORA to do its work it needs to know who has logged into the system using a universal identifier, which happens to be the users email address. In addition it needs to know the full name of that email address. Without this information it is impossible to give users access to creating datasets and managing them or offering any kind of security related features.
The full overview of information used and how are as follows:
The data in the AURORA-system are stored for the following durations:
The legal basis for processing your information in AURORA is the EU GDPR and the Norwegian law based upon the GDPR (Personopplysningsloven). Of specific support is the Personopplysningsloven §6 and §8, which clearly states that the processing of personal informations is acceptable as long as necessary for work related functions and/or for research- and scientific purposes of public interest.
You can contact the AURORA administrators and ask to know which personal information that the system are processing about you, where they come from and why it has them. You can also ask for a copy of this information. You cannot ask for this same information about other people than yourself.
If you, after gaining access to your personal information used by AURORA, discover incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate information, you can ask to have it corrected.
AURORA have procedures for removing user information upon a user ending his or hers relationship to the organization or stops using the system. However, you can still ask for your information to be deleted. As the user-information is not vital for the long term storage of the datasets, we will usually accept your information being removed. This entails anonymizing the information stored in the user-account, as we cannot remove the account itself of design and usage reasons. After anonymizing the account, the datasets that you created cannot any longer be traced to any personal information within them. Note, however, as we covered in the section "Storage Duration" that some of your personal information might be stored in the datasets metadata and are considered fair use.
Also if we have the right according to law, or a law denies us to remove this information, or you do not have any substantial reason to demand the total deletion of personal information (beyond the user account), we can still retain this information within the system.
You can demand that we temporarily suspend the use of your personal information. You can demand this if the information we have about you is inaccurate or we do not have sufficient reason to process it. We will then stop the processing until we have investigated your injections.
If the AURORA or the organization processes your personal information based on your consent or an agreement we have with you, and the treatment is transferred automatically (eg. that the data is calculated automatically or machines analyze the information), you can demand that we transfer several of your personal details to you or to a third party.
If you are in a unique situation where the processing of personal information by AURORA creates special challenges to you, you can protest the processing. If your interests weighs heavier than the usage by the organization, AURORA will not process your personal information any longer.
Please go to this address to find out more about who to ask about privacy issues:
Please go to this address to find out more about the privacy ombud: